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2017 MLB All-Star FanFest lit up with LED tunnel

PixelFLEX LED video tunnel 2017 MLB All-Star FanFest

PixelFLEX-manufactured LED video tunnel welcomed and excited visitors of the FanFest, the biggest interactive baseball theme park in the world. The creative concept was designed by BaAM Productions and MSI Productions using FLEXLite Plus 3.9mm LED video technology.

Barco expands creative possibilities with R10 flexible displays

Barco R10 LED digital media canvas

The company has announced the launch of R-series, the new LED screen technology for outdoor applications. Referred to as ‘digital media canvas’, the technology is described as radically different from traditional LED displays. The line-up is currently presented with the 10mm pixel pitch R10 model, which is the first one to be introduced within the family.

Barco LED media canvas refined with R7 model

Barco R7 LED digital media canvas

The company announced the expansion of its R-serieslineup of flexible outdoor LED displays with the addition of a 7mm pixel pitch model. Referred to as LED digital media canvas, the technology is billed as an alternative to traditional LED displays due to its thin, lightweight and bendable design.

PixelFLEX launches 1.2mm FLEXUltra display

PixelFLEX 1.2mm FLEXUltra LED display

Driven by the growing demand for ultra-fine pixel pitch displays for permanent LED video installations, the company has announced the launch of FLEXUltra 1.2mm LED video technology. The FXu-1.2 joins the current product line of 1.6 and 1.9mm pixel pitch options.