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EKTA presents new outdoor display

EKTA presents new outdoor display with advanced protection level

In the forerun of ISE 2016 debuts its new model of HD outdoor LED display with advanced protection level. The company also presents the upgraded lineup of its most popular video solutions from the FrameLED professional series.

EKTA widens opportunities with its new ERMAC ULTRA


The number of screens involved in projects are rapidly increasing, which requires new management solutions. In response to market trends, EKTA has created a new generation of video processor, ERMAC Ultra.

ERMAC Ultra adds to video processing technologies


Recently this year , a European manufacturer of LED displays and video processing equipment, presented a new control system ERMAC Ultra. The video processor is described as a breakthrough multi-level technology for the large scale and HD LED displays and visualization equipment.

Expert Opinion: Igor Pastukh, EKTA

EKTA logo

EKTA, European manufacturer and provider of high-end LED technology, has been on the market for twenty five years. Igor Pastukh, the company’s founder and currently Adviser Director General, tells the story of EKTA evolvement and reveals factors that drove the company to success.

Fusion of art and technology on LED floors

Porte des Savoirs, EPFL

The indisputable value of an LED floor as a powerful marketing tool has been used in hundreds of projects in show-business, branding events, and retail. However, there are projects that aim to reveal its aesthetic rather than practical value. Created on a crossroad of art and technology these projects produce a striking effect by integrating seemingly incompatible elements into a single piece of art.

ISE 2017: resolution and processing rule supreme

LED video display systems at ISE 2017

The ISE 2017, a joint venture of CEDIA and InfoComm, took place from 7-10 of February in Amsterdam RAI. The event drew nearly 74 thousand attendees who came to experience first-hand the cutting edge innovations from all sectors of AV industry. Growing bigger each year, ISE sets its own records and reflect dynamic and vibrant progress that the AV community undergoes these days.

LED displays at ISE 2016: chasing the elusive pixel

ISE 2016

From the 9th till the 12th of February the world of pro AV centralized in Amsterdam to experience one of the most prominent industry events, the Integrated Systems Europe. With the record number of registered attendees topping 65 000, over 1000 exhibitors on the show floor and the most extensive education programs from CEDIA and InfoComm, the ISE2016 has been officially confirmed as the biggest and best show so far in its 13-year history.

LED displays in broadcasting: addressing the challenges

IBC 2016 tradeshow

The advancement of video technologies has enriched the broadcasting industry with a cutting-edge platform of LED displays. Used both as an engaging background and a design feature, they supersede LCDs for contrast and brightness while offering seamless connection and full creative freedom in designing video settings. The LED displays in broadcasting revolutionize the way the information is presented to a viewing audience.

LED video industry old-timers: the age of credibility

Daktronics digital scoreboard Cicero-North Syracuse, NY, 1999 LED video industry old-timers: the age of credibility

Today, when digital technologies are at their height, the market of LED displays is a dynamic, competitive space that features all kinds of product offerings. With its history dating back a little more than two decades, it is quite young yet develops in giant leaps, especially recently. Among the abundance of companies that the market is burgeoning with, there are those that have been maneuvering through its turbulent waters over twenty years, facing challenges, living through ups and downs yet inexorably moving to success.