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AOTO display welcomes visitors in Shenzhen

AOTO LED display

Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport has a UHD display with a cloud-based motion sensing technology installed in the arrival area. The installation is described as the first AliCloud motion-sensing display in the world.

ARCH technology behind the largest DS screen in Belgium

ARCH LED screen in Brussels

The Belgian LED screen and lighting manufacturer has performed a number of installations recently, including the massive I-CONIC LED screen in the heart of Brussels, according to the company's statement. 

Benefits of ownership see Bullring Shopping Centre invest in second ADI screen

ADI's LED screen at Birmingham Bullring

The Bullring shopping centre have enhanced their digital media portfolio with investment in a second LED screen from the UK’s supplier of LED technology, . The financial and experiential value derived from their initial LED display – installed in December 2012 – encouraged the Bullring to procure an additional large format screen for the Upper Mall East which will also be utilised purely for advertising purposes.

Content for LED screens: things to remember

Content for LED screens

From enormous digital canvases to exquisite ribbons; from good old-fashioned rectangles to the most unusual forms, it is the content that breaths life into LED systems. Being as diverse as one’s imagination the content is an endless topic to discuss.

Daktronics LED screen to light up Piccadilly Lights

Daktronics 4K LED display at Piccadilly Lights.

Land Securities, the UK property company and the owner of the Piccadilly Lights, has initiated the major upgrade of the London’s iconic landmark. The redevelopment implies the replacement of a current patchwork of smaller displays with a seamless 4K LED canvas that will retain the renowned curved shape of the location.

Fine pitch outdoors: fashion or necessity?

Storm Cromination London

Traditionally DOOH signage relied on large pixel pitch solutions intended to be seen from afar, like billboards or displays positioned high on buildings. The location implied that viewers would be located at a considerable distance from the screen, which could have pixel layouts as large as 50mm and larger.

First LED wall installed in London underground

Barco LED displays Canary Wharf

Two Barco-designed LED screens are suspended inside the concourse of the Canary Wharf tube station in London, UK. The screens, which are claimed to be the first LED walls in London’s underground, are installed as part of the Hello London initiative that has been undertaken by Transport for London (TfL) and Exterion Media.

French car dealership opts for a giant Absen screen

Absen LED screen in the Starterre car dealership

Lyon-based Starterre dealership has its showroom interiors updated with a custom-made LED screen. The project was delivered by IPOView integrator company that specializes in dynamic signage systems.

Honolulu airport receives four NanoLumens displays

NanoLumens displays Honolulu Daniel K. Inouye International Airport

Ford AV, a US commercial AV integrator, has installed four large-scale Nixel Series displays in the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S., according to a press release. Now a total of six NanoLumens displays feed in digital infrastructure of the airport, with the first two displays being installed in 2015 by the same contractor.

LED video technologies behind the scenes at Rio 2016

Rio 2016 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games

The importance of broadcasting for the sports industry is hard to overestimate. With the recent technologies ensuring highest image and sound quality television is the most common way of viewing sports worldwide. However, whatever tech-savvy, broadcasting is unable to deliver the ambiance that controls the venue at the time of big sporting events, and especially the Olympic Games.

London Stadium upgrade with a giant LED signage

Daktronics LED signage London Stadium

Daktronics announced that they have designed, manufactured and installed what they call the largest LED video feature in Europe. An enormous, 1128-square-meter, curved LED display is placed above the entrance to the London Stadium at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Morgan Stanley boasts new digital set-up

LED DOOH at Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley investment bank deployed a data-driven LED digital signage outside their global headquarters at 1585 Broadway in Times Square. The project was delivered by Academy Award-winning creative studio in partnership with , financial data provider, and media company.

NanoLumens displays deployed to upgrade casino bingo room

NanoLumens LED displays Palace Station Casino bingo room

The company provided two LED displays that have been installed in the new bingo room at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The installation, which was performed by the integration team at National Technology Associates (NTA), marks the seventh project done in collaboration between Station Casinos, NTA, and NanoLumens, the press release said.

NanoLumens LED displays to excite passengers in Changi airport

NanoLumens LED display Terminal 4 Singapore’s Changi airport

Two Performance Series LED displays are installed in a newly made Terminal 4 of Singapore’s Changi airport. The displays were chosen due to their compliance with strict RFP specifications and feature the company’s redesigned proprietary Nixel Series technology.

NanoLumens LED screen brings sunny imagery to Miami visitors

NanoLumens LED screen in Miami airport

The newly redesigned terminal of Miami International Airport has a double-sided NanoCurve LED display installed in the international arrivals area. The installation was commissioned by the Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD) as a welcoming sign to the incoming travelers.

NanoLumens partners with Gimbal for smart digital solutions

NanoLumens partners with Gimbal

, Atlanta-based manufacturer of LED visual technologies, and , a developer of mobile engagement solutions, have entered into strategic alliance, according to the announcement from the 30th of November. The partnership is aimed to create a dynamic new series of digital solutions with incorporated geofencing and analytics platform and proximity beacon technology from Gimbal.  

NanoLumens strengthens its positions with new installations

NanoLumens wave-shaped LED screen in Darwin Airport

In August, was ranked #267 on the 2015 list of the US 5000 fastest growing private companies by Inc. magazine. The company’s digital solutions are installed in five continents, including megacities of Sydney, Beijing, Tokyo, São Paulo, New York, Chicago, Toronto, London, Paris and Munich, among many others. Recently the company expanded its portfolio of completed projects with the installations in Darwin, Las-Vegas, and Toronto.

NanoLumens to fit out their LED screens with AWARE platform

Nanolumens announced the launch of AWARE intelligent display platform

The company has announced the launch of AWARE platform, which is a cloud-based CMS for LED signage. Described as the World’s First Fully Integrated Intelligent Display Platform, AWARE incorporates real-time remote diagnostics, media playing, and optimized software applications in one system.

New ad digital network to change the looks of Minneapolis Airport

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport's interior

, a brand division of Clear Channel Outdoor Americas (CCOA), and a subsidiary of iHeartMedia Inc., will provide a comprehensive ad network at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). The agreement is signed with the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) and authorizes CCA for the advertising concession at the MSP for ten years, the press release said.  

Outdoor digital signage trends for 2015

digital signage trends 2015

Interactive. It's a word that very few of us used 10 years ago, and its meaning has changed significantly in the digital age. Nowhere is the trend toward interactive media more intriguing than in outdoor digital signage. 2015 promises to be a year of increased interactive marketing. Here are some trends demonstrating how digital signage has literally energized the static display. Interactive marketing will take digital displays to the next level — making outdoor LED signage a great choice for interacting with customers.

Playhouse Square revived with Barco’s LED displays and LCD kiosks

Chandelier in Playhouse Square

In 2014 Playhouse Square, a major not-for-profit performing arts center in the US, Ohio, underwent an ambitious transformation aimed to distinguish its historical identity. The symbols of Playhouse Square – vertical sign, marquees and news tickers – were replaced with high-brightness and energy-efficient LED signage.

Polish shopping center equipped with hi-tech multimedia

Posnania elliptic transparent LED screen

SQM Digital Signage, a Poland-based system integrator, has installed over a hundred multimedia devices for the Posnania shopping center that was opened in October 2016 in Poznań, Poland. The installation includes massive LED screens, Kinect walls and LCD monitors that aim to enhance customers experience in one of the largest and most innovative malls in Central Europe.

Rome airport digital advertising project wins InAVation Award

Absen A2 LED columns Clear Channel Italy Rome's Airport

Digitization of Rome’s Fiumicino Airport brought the title of ‘Most Innovative Digital Project’ at the InAVation Awards event held at the ISE 2016. The large-scale project, which took two years to complete, deploys a variety of LED visual solutions for the efficient and innovative advertising programme.

Russian stadium stands out with a giant media screen

Giant media screen in the Krasnodar football stadium

Massive LED video display by Unilumin was installed in July in a brand new football stadium in Krasnodar, Russia. Totaling 4,800 square meters the curved video solution encircles the inner perimeter of the stadium bowl in a one-of-a-kind installation.

ScreenHub offers free CMS for Digital Signage

ScreenHub free CMS for DS

Silicon Valley based company, has announced the launch of free cloud-based digital display content management software. ScreenHub is said to have over 30 years of combined experience in the fields of Digital Signage, Software Development, Electrical Engineering and Digital Marketing.

Stunning media canvas to be unveiled at Times Square, NYC

SNA Displays high-res LED screen at Times Square

Sansi North America (SNA) Displays is to unveil a giant video spectacular, which is already being called the highest-resolution LED screen in the history of Times Square. Wrapped around the façade of a newly built Marriott EDITION hotel at 701 7th Avenue, the giant screen will debut on Wednesday, August 23.

Unique ad system put into operation in Germany

Squadrat LED AdverTower

, a German provider of display systems, have recently installed what they call the biggest LED advertising system in Europe. Located at the motorway A3 near Linkenbach between Cologne and Frankfurt, the AdverTower is referred to as one-of-a-kind advertising platform in Europe.

US LED lighting manufacturer enters the market of LED digital signage

Noribachi launches ALiVE product line

, a U.S.-based custom LED manufacturer of commercial and industrial lighting solutions, announced the launch of its ALiVE product line. The new family of products includes LCD monitors and LED digital signage, which naturally complements the company’s already existing range of LED solutions.