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Barco expands creative possibilities with R10 flexible displays

Barco R10 LED digital media canvas

The company has announced the launch of R-series, the new LED screen technology for outdoor applications. Referred to as ‘digital media canvas’, the technology is described as radically different from traditional LED displays. The line-up is currently presented with the 10mm pixel pitch R10 model, which is the first one to be introduced within the family.

Barco LED media canvas refined with R7 model

Barco R7 LED digital media canvas

The company announced the expansion of its R-serieslineup of flexible outdoor LED displays with the addition of a 7mm pixel pitch model. Referred to as LED digital media canvas, the technology is billed as an alternative to traditional LED displays due to its thin, lightweight and bendable design.

Barco presents new X-series LED displays at InfoComm

Barco LED displays at InfoComm

The company announced the launch of four new products within its line-up of X-series indoor displays. The new X-series is described as featuring superior image quality and ease of installation for a variety of indoor applications, according to a press release.

Comcast Experience: technologies behind the scenes

Comcast Experience clock

Since June of 2008 Philadelphia list of must-see attractions enriched itself with a digital wizardry of Comcast Experience. Unbelievable installation of 10 megapixel LED video wall with sound and graphics graces the lobby of a 297-meter high Comcast Center building. Meant as a gift to Philadelphia from both Comcast and Liberty, which is the developer of the building, the installation turned public transportation hub into a stunning art project. Orchestrating 10 million pixels of visual artistry is a sophisticated system created by David Niles and his team.

Fine pitch outdoors: fashion or necessity?

Storm Cromination London

Traditionally DOOH signage relied on large pixel pitch solutions intended to be seen from afar, like billboards or displays positioned high on buildings. The location implied that viewers would be located at a considerable distance from the screen, which could have pixel layouts as large as 50mm and larger.

First LED wall installed in London underground

Barco LED displays Canary Wharf

Two Barco-designed LED screens are suspended inside the concourse of the Canary Wharf tube station in London, UK. The screens, which are claimed to be the first LED walls in London’s underground, are installed as part of the Hello London initiative that has been undertaken by Transport for London (TfL) and Exterion Media.

Fusion of art and technology on LED floors

Porte des Savoirs, EPFL

The indisputable value of an LED floor as a powerful marketing tool has been used in hundreds of projects in show-business, branding events, and retail. However, there are projects that aim to reveal its aesthetic rather than practical value. Created on a crossroad of art and technology these projects produce a striking effect by integrating seemingly incompatible elements into a single piece of art.

InfoComm 2017 showcase: the newest in LED

InfoComm 2017 the newest in LED

The InfoComm 2017 exhibit took place June 14-16 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Here is our brief summary of the latest in LED video display and processing technologies that were showcased there.

ISE 2017: resolution and processing rule supreme

LED video display systems at ISE 2017

The ISE 2017, a joint venture of CEDIA and InfoComm, took place from 7-10 of February in Amsterdam RAI. The event drew nearly 74 thousand attendees who came to experience first-hand the cutting edge innovations from all sectors of AV industry. Growing bigger each year, ISE sets its own records and reflect dynamic and vibrant progress that the AV community undergoes these days.

LED video industry old-timers: the age of credibility

Daktronics digital scoreboard Cicero-North Syracuse, NY, 1999 LED video industry old-timers: the age of credibility

Today, when digital technologies are at their height, the market of LED displays is a dynamic, competitive space that features all kinds of product offerings. With its history dating back a little more than two decades, it is quite young yet develops in giant leaps, especially recently. Among the abundance of companies that the market is burgeoning with, there are those that have been maneuvering through its turbulent waters over twenty years, facing challenges, living through ups and downs yet inexorably moving to success.

Playhouse Square revived with Barco’s LED displays and LCD kiosks

Chandelier in Playhouse Square

In 2014 Playhouse Square, a major not-for-profit performing arts center in the US, Ohio, underwent an ambitious transformation aimed to distinguish its historical identity. The symbols of Playhouse Square – vertical sign, marquees and news tickers – were replaced with high-brightness and energy-efficient LED signage.