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Comcast Experience: technologies behind the scenes

Comcast Experience clock

Since June of 2008 Philadelphia list of must-see attractions enriched itself with a digital wizardry of Comcast Experience. Unbelievable installation of 10 megapixel LED video wall with sound and graphics graces the lobby of a 297-meter high Comcast Center building. Meant as a gift to Philadelphia from both Comcast and Liberty, which is the developer of the building, the installation turned public transportation hub into a stunning art project. Orchestrating 10 million pixels of visual artistry is a sophisticated system created by David Niles and his team.

Digital art installation towers the lobby of Denver skyscraper

Digital art installation in Wells Fargo Center.

Wells Fargo Center in Denver, USA, has recently become a talking point for the public as five digital pillars grace its atrium in a visually arresting public art installation. The columns are made of high-res LED displays that rise 26m high throughout the whole height of the eight-story atrium.

Fusion of art and technology on LED floors

Porte des Savoirs, EPFL

The indisputable value of an LED floor as a powerful marketing tool has been used in hundreds of projects in show-business, branding events, and retail. However, there are projects that aim to reveal its aesthetic rather than practical value. Created on a crossroad of art and technology these projects produce a striking effect by integrating seemingly incompatible elements into a single piece of art.