ERMAC Ultra adds to video processing technologies

Recently this year , a European manufacturer of LED displays and video processing equipment, presented a new control system ERMAC Ultra. The video processor is described as a breakthrough multi-level technology for the large scale and HD LED displays and visualization equipment.

ERMAC Ultra is the latest in series of video controllers that the company has been working on. The first version of ERMAC was debuted at ISE 2011 where it was used to control a giant semi-circular screen displaying 3D content. In the same year, the company derived development of LED video controllers into a separate product line.

EKTA control systems are widely deployed in challenging rental projects and in broadcasting across Europe, e.g. in Germany, Switzerland, France, Sweden, and Norway, the company said.

Oleg Bogomolov, EKTAHighlighting the enhanced features of ERMAC Ultra are Oleg Bogomolov, the company’s head of sales department and Stephan Jokiel, a project manager in Black Box Music. Established in 1992 BBM is a Berlin-based full-service provider for all kinds of concerts and events. The company is a partner of , Germany-based distributor of EKTA-manufactured products.

LSG Editors: What makes ERMAC Ultra stand out from the crowd?

O.B. Basically, it’s multi-level architecture. Incorporated inside ERMAC Ultra unit are a scaler, LED interface processor, AV matrix, and an LED video control system. Turn on the screen, make it connected with the video camera, project your image on the screen, and clap – you will see no latency.

ERMAC supports Ultra HD and 4K resolution. The processor allows for real-time image settings including the level of brightness, adjustment of color temperature, gamma-correction, picture and picture mode and image scaling.

S.J. The picture quality and possibilities of adjustment, the high brightness, the low weight and the controller system set ERMAC apart from the rest of competitive products.

What specifications of LED video processors are essential for customers?

O.B. In our recent experience, we have seen strong interest in multi-functional video controllers that could be customized for individual visualization projects. As the AV market sees the growing demand for creative LED installations, ERMAC offers flexible configuring options. A single controller can manage up to 32 LED displays of various sizes, resolutions, and aspect ratios. The settings can be adjusted both for the whole set of displays or for each stand-alone display. The automatic system of color adjustment ensures smooth color uniformity even for the screens composed of LEDs from different manufacturers.

The versatile architecture of ERMAC Ultra can be customized to meet the client’s demands, whether it is managing live broadcast on LED screens, orchestrating large-scale video surfaces or displaying 3D-images. Expansion boards can extend the system’s capabilities even further, up to combining video solutions from different manufacturers in a single project. Moreover, EKTA video processors feature proprietary software with customizable API.

Stephan Jokiel, BBMS.J. Events industry market widely adopts LED video technologies. To handle various LED installations BBM was searching for a product that could deliver content from media servers as well as live camera images in a very high quality. Also, we wanted to have a product with great flexibility in setup and usability for several events. We opted for ERMAC as it met all our requirements on scaling, signal management of displays with different resolutions and refresh rates, controlling of clone surfaces, switching between the various inputs, and usability.

How important for the customer is the usability of LED processors?

O.B. ERMAC is designed as a customer-focused solution. The system features an intuitive interface that is easy to operate in real time.

S.J. For us, it is one of the most important factors because of the wide range of events we are producing (corporate events, festivals, touring, etc.). It should be easy to handle and should have the possibility to operate a broad range of setups. EKTA has all these features included, so you don’t need any extra devices.

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