Daktronics LED displays at the Fashion Show’s plaza.

Daktronics displays for eye-catching installations

Renowned for its large-scale LED installations the company proceeds with the recent projects in Las-Vegas, Nevada, and St. Louis, Missouri.

Needless to say, that development of retail destinations contributes a lot to the overall growth of DS market including the number of installed LED displays. Today, when shopping malls provide a lot more experience than just shopping, large displays with compelling visuals become essential for the customers’ involvement. The owners of the Fashion Show shopping mall took it a step further having installed an immense LED setting at the outdoor plaza to entertain their customers before they even step inside.

Nearly a thousand square meters of Daktronics LED video technologies transformed the Fashion Show’s plaza into one of the brightest venues on the Las Vegas Strip. The project includes all the large format displays on the plaza plus three renovated 6mm curved displays inside the mall. The technology behind the displays is described as a specially blended formula designed for the Las Vegas environment with increased brightness and sun-cutting contrast.

Within the project Daktronics provided:

  • two 15mm LED video column wraps (dimensions 12.8m by 24.3m and 17.6m by 24.3m);
  • one curved 15mm LED video billboard (4.2m high by 34m wide);
  • two double-faced mini pylon displays (3.6m by 2m);
  • three interior 6mm curved video displays (0.3m by 3.9m);
  • 69 speakers on 68 amplifier channels capable of 48000 watts.

The overall work took over 18 months to complete and involved various sub-contractors, the company said.

Aside from DOOH, Daktronics covers a variety of markets including commercial, worship, transportation, architecture, etc. However, the bulk of its projects falls within sports sector, as proved by the company’s news feed.Daktronics giant LED display at the EverBank Field stadium.

Sheer size and dedication of stadiums make them unique environments that stipulate a number of requirements on video solutions. First and foremost the display should be large enough with a wide viewing angle to be seen from every seat. Daktronics installation of two giant HD LED video displays at EverBank Field in Jacksonville, Florida, hit the headlines as the largest in sports history. Installed in 2014 for the Jacksonville Jaguars each of the enormous end zone displays measures 18.2m high by 110m wide and has an area of 2018 square meters. The displays feature the company’s proprietary 13HD technology with high contrast and wide viewing angles for an off-axis view.

Other noted installations in sports include the largest LED video display for professional soccer-specific venues (StubHub Center in Carson, California) and the largest LED video display in college football (Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama) to name but a few.

For the outdoor display to be clearly visible in the well-lit environment it should feature high brightness to overcome the sunlight. The company’s recent project for the Texas Rangers at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas, deploys a high-brightness LED display capable of 11,000 nits of brightness as the display’s location makes it exposed daily to direct sunlight. The display is set for installation in the coming months and will measure 10.3m high by 28.6m wide.

Fascia displays installed along the seating stands are a popular solution to highlight sponsors throughout events as well as extend the content field of the main display. Daktronics current installation at Busch Stadium, in St. Louis, Missouri, comprises nine ribbon displays with a total length of 172 meters. The 15mm pixel pitch displays supplement the main display, which is 12m high by 36.5m and features 13HD pixel layout.  

At ISE 2016 Daktronics will showcase its latest developments in LED display technology, as well as provide a series of short technology seminars. The company’s stand will also represent some of their iconic worldwide installations, including SBB rail network in Switzerland and LAX airport in Los Angeles. 

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