Telstra LED displays

Telstra opens a multi-million dollar technology hub in Sydney

Recently this year , Australia's largest telecommunications, and media company has opened a new Customer Insight Center (CIC) in Sydney. Featuring the latest trends in design and technology, the center is a unique interactive space filled with innovative, hands-on demonstrations and AV installations.

Telstra holds nearly 9700 customer conferences each year. With the help of CIC collaboration platform, the company hopes to foster business dialog with its customers as well as make it as productive as it can be. Telstra business development manager Will Wilson says: “The space is very dynamic, but the objective is fundamentally to connect and engage with our customers. It helps us to better understand our customers, their business models, how they make money and where they expect their companies to be in maybe three, five or seven years.”

Each CIC tour is personalized with information relevant to a particular customer. Prior to the planned visit Telstra staff analyzes all the information related to the customer’s business to prepare a unique custom-built presentation. For better-personalized experience, customers receive iPads upon visiting. The tablet contextualizes all the screens the customers pass along their journey through the spaces.

Insight Ring Telstra CICThe center has 78 LED screens of various sizes integrated into sophisticated collaboration platform totally. While displaying the visual information they also feature a high-tech design, like a 9-metre high Insight Ring installed in the visitor reception area. The Ring is an interactive LED video panel measuring 1.87m x 7.34m and composed of NanoCurve tiles with 4.5mm pixel pitch. The display is stated to be the world’s first introvert 360-degree video ring.

There is also a 14-screen Media Lab to provide analytics from the global social media. The round shaped Partnership Hub houses three 4.5mm pixel-pitch NanoCurve displays measuring 3.02m x 4.3m, 3.02m x 8.3m and 3.02m x 3.46m. The displays go from floor to a reflective ceiling to form a semicircle digital canvas where information about Telstra’s partners is displayed.  

The CIC has an impressive technical credibility. The Datacenter houses 35 racks and serves 55 virtual machines. It has 27TB of conventional storage and 8TB of high-performance flash storage installed. The CIC’s highly available core network provides 11.5 Tbps of switching capacity. An in-house Studio designed by Chief Entertainment and Sony is 4K ready and can be used either for broadcast internationally or across the Telstra network. Moreover, the center capacity allows over 100 simultaneous video calls held via Telstra IP Telephony using SIP Connect.

The highlight of the center is a modern 300 seat public theater equipped with the cutting-edge Meyer Sound Constellation audio system and a high-end video solution from NanoLumens. The NanoSlim Engage display features 2.5mm pixel pitch and is 4K ready.