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Expert Opinion: Igor Pastukh, EKTA

EKTA, European manufacturer and provider of high-end LED technology, has been on the market for twenty five years. Igor Pastukh, the company’s founder and currently Adviser Director General, tells the story of EKTA evolvement and reveals factors that drove the company to success.

When you entered AV business, the LED industry was in its infancy. At what point and why did you decide to engage in LED development and manufacturing?

Igor Pastukh, EKTA's founder and Adviser Director GeneralIgor Pastukh: Before triggering the LED production, a team of EKTA professionals was already technologically-minded. Ukrainian engineers were highly competent in plasma solutions. As a result, EKTA entered the European market, introducing a hi-tech Media Garden Project for the Germany National Exhibition Hall at EXPO’2000 in Hanover. The significant groundwork, numerous references and in-depth knowledge of active matrix displays design has given rise to LED development start-up.

At the same time, the market required sharp changes, and we understood that the next step of module displays development should be based on the more efficient luminous elements. Efficiency output of the LED displays was significantly higher than the gas-plasma ones. The power consumption of LEDs was much lower, even at the more extreme brightness. Furthermore, low speed and complexity of plasma cell control triggered a further extensive LED application.

What kind of products does EKTA develop and manufacture for the time being?

Igor Pastukh: During the 25 years of existence, EKTA product line-up has been expanded to the three core pillars: led displays, led lighting, led variable message signs. Besides, EKTA, being a design engineering and manufacturer of the entire turn-key solution, delivers end-to-end project execution, including complex design, class-leading clusters, and modules, high-end LED control system, full integration with related systems, custom software development, equipment assembly, after-sales service, and support.

What is your theory of success?

Igor Pastukh: Right place, right time, right people equals success. This is a combination of persevering work, highly-experienced tech-savvy team, current demand for the product, and just good fortune. We took advantages of our opportunities with deep involvement in the working process and high level of responsibility.

Failures are an inevitable part of every company’s history. What is your way to overcome fails?

Igor Pastukh: Failures are worth having because they are major accelerators of success. Overcoming failures in business helps you find out what needs to be changed, and this is incredibly valuable. In the light of this, we need to analyze the situation and make decisions based on logical conclusions, rather than emotions.

What are EKTA’s biggest achievements?

EKTA’s 3D LED screen in Gothenburg, SwedenIgor Pastukh: One of the company’s greatest achievements was Guinness Book of Records recognition. Measuring more than seven meters diagonally, EKTA’s 3D LED screen, installed in Gothenburg, Sweden has earned a world record with a diagonal of 7.11m for being the largest of its kind. It was not easy to take on a risk, creating investment-intensive, sophisticated, technically challenging project at that time, but the results exceeded all our expectations. The demand for EKTA 3D LED screens has increased significantly within the entertainment industry, gaining credibility from clubs, discos, shows, concerts, fan zones and bars, museums and amusement parks.

Another breakthrough in the company’s evolution was the invention of a new LED processor/controller generation – ERMAC. It combines functions of different video processing devices into a single state-of-the-art solution and allows total control of up to 32 different LED screens or digital panels in a chain. Today, in circumstances where client’s time is of great value, the all-in-one device opens tremendous technical opportunities to the customer, making possible to streamline content management and to perform any settings and adjustments in a real-time mode.

The success of the company is a balance between the use of past years’ developments (exploitation) and the discovery of new horizons (exploration). What is the balance between exploitation and exploration in your company?

Igor Pastukh: Success is never an accident, and it is based on the accumulated experience and matured practices. At the same time, present-day market of AV technologies and LED industry, in particular, are very dynamic and high developing. Every year, the consumer is becoming more well-informed and technically-educated and as a consequence needs unconventional out-of-the-box solutions. That is why innovation is becoming the primary driver of EKTA growth and development for the next few years.

What is EKTA’s priority area for investment?

Igor Pastukh: To date, EKTA increases its investments in the R&D innovations, improvement of customer service quality, and personnel training and motivation.

How do you see the company changing in 10 years?

Igor Pastukh: EKTA was always a team of very passionate visual display creators sharply focused on advanced products. We now experience a shift of becoming passionate about customer needs and preferences while targeting the most demanding projects and applications. So it will be a strong global display engineering and marketing company successfully using a comprehensive expertise to solve unique display challenges and customer expectations. Moreover, ready for the next technologies, as our slogan says - “ahead of the future.”


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