Expert Opinion: Steve Seminario, Planar Systems

In the world of AV technologies the brand needs little introduction. With three decades of experience in flat panel display technology, projection, and processing, Planar has led over sixty innovations in the display industry. Its unique display solutions are successfully deployed in the most demanding environments across many markets. At InfoComm 2015 Planar DirectLight LED Video Wall System received four industry awards and was highly commended by leading experts in the field. Following the company’s recent success we asked Steve Seminario, senior product marketing manager for Planar Systems, to share his insights regarding LED market trends. 

 Led Screen Guru EditorsWhat trends do you think will define LED market in the near future?

Steve Seminario, Planar

Steve Seminario: The trends that will have the biggest impact on indoor LED display adoption will be the reduction of pitch and price. Ultra-fine pitch LED displays have reached a pixel density and price level where they are at least part of the conversation for a large percentage of indoor video wall decisions today. While they still lag behind other video wall technologies in pixel density and can be more expensive, LED displays’ seamlessness, image quality, and lifespan make them a compelling choice. The trend towards finer pitch and lower price will serve to broaden the adoption of LED even further.

How much do your products meet these trends?

Steve Seminario: As LED technology has advanced, many LED video wall products have lagged in terms of meeting fundamental commercial requirements that are important to purchasing organizations.  Things like alignment quality, overall depth, reliability, and support are not up to par.  Planar DirectLight leverages the positive trends in LED technology while delivering true commercial quality capabilities required for every professional video wall.

What markets have you seen the most prosperous over the past years?

Steve Seminario: In our recent experience in the LED video wall market we have seen strong interest across a number of our traditional markets such as corporate, government/military, retail and university.

What technology trends and product features were in your focus at InfoComm?

Steve Seminario: At InfoComm15 we received great feedback on our Planar DirectLight LED Video Wall System. We helped customers appreciate the best use cases for the different video wall technology we employ in our products including LED, ultra-narrow bezel LCD, and DLP rear projection.

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