Expert Opinion: Eric Li, SiliconCore Technology

With its patented Common Cathode Technology has been at the forefront of innovation in the LED display market. The company’s innovative approach enables higher resolution screens with extremely small pixel pitches, as of 1.2 mm of the Lavender display. Exceptional operating capabilities of the Lavender display were recognized with the Best of Show Awards at InfoComm 2015. Eric Li, the founder and CEO of SCT, comments on the recent trends of LED displays’ market and the company’s commitment to meet these trends.

 Led Screen Guru Editors: What trends do you think will define LED market in the near future?

Eric Li, the founder and CEO of SiliconCore Technology

Eric Li: The key trend will be a push to higher resolution and performance LED displays, which like our 1.2mm LED Display will prove popular with corporate and control room applications. This is a new space for LED screens. We will also see lighter and thinner displays will have front access capability to enable quicker installation and servicing. The lower cost per pixel as the resolution increases will also lead to innovative solutions.

How much do your products meet these trends?

Eric Li: SiliconCore offers the highest resolution LED Displays in the world, and we have consistently been the first to market with the lowest pixel pitch since our launch into the market four years ago. The Common Cathode Technology is the foundation for scalable LED displays; it enables our products to maintain the same or better performance with higher resolution at considerably reduced power and thermal dissipation than alternative displays.

The modular nature of the LED display means it can be built seamlessly into huge single screens. Our innovative communication protocol enables easy front service and front install architecture which means that integrators can service them easily and quickly.

What markets have you seen the most prosperous over the past years?

Eric Li: Control and Command Centers have been a new and prosperous market for LED Displays where high resolution and performance is vital. Corporate Lobby and Auditorium applications are also important, and Broadcast studios have seen a big uplift in LED Displays with an added anti-moire filter. High-end retail brands have been looking to LED to replace video walls and displays with seams.

What technology trends and product features were in your focus at InfoComm?

Eric Li: We were launching our highest resolution P1.2 with same performance parameters as the P1.5 and P1.9 resolutions but a higher resolution. Large 4K and curved screens illustrate potential applications for large format LED displays and that is how we were showing our products, to demonstrate their off axis viewing capabilities.

What types of new technology or products do you want to learn more about?

Eric Li: Better video processor technology to control large screens with millions of pixels, beyond the standard HD (1080P) resolution, as well as natural curve panel solutions for large format displays.

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