Matrix Visual becomes exclusive US distributor for Unilumin Group

, the US distributor specializing in the rental, sales, and service of large-scale LED walls has announced a strategic partnership with as of the 1st of January. Together the companies will be a powerful force focused on servicing the U.S. rental and staging industry, the press release said.

According to Matrix Owner Paul Motal, the partnership is founded on common goals and values. “We spent a year meeting with the top Chinese Manufacturers. It became apparent it was in the best interests of our customers to make the move,” – commented Motal.

In 2015, Unilumin bought 100% of the shares of consolidating its market share in rental and staging Industry. With Unilumin supplying mainly LED displays for fixed installations and ROE focusing on creative display solutions the two companies could share resources, complementing each other’s product line and covering a bigger market. However, according to ROE, it remains a separate company for R&D, marketing, sales, and service.

Thereby ROE has not been involved in Unilumin agreement with Matrix Visual and will continue its sales and service activities in the US directly, the company said.

Unilumin takeover of ROE Visual follows the acquisition of LAMP technology in 2014, which is the professional provider of Ultra High Definition LED display in China. The move strengthened the company’s position in the NPP LED market as well as boosting its overseas business.

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