Recent partnership contributes to UK digitization

Following their previous successful collaboration partnered with and for a large-scale digital project for the UK market. Within the project around 200 digital billboards will be installed across the United Kingdom by the end of 2016, said Mark Chippendale, Managing Director at Active International.

Throughout 2016, Clear Channel is said to unveil at least ninety large format digital displays across the UK. According to the press release, the rollout is expected to be the largest of its kind this year. Measuring 10’x20’ (3m by 6m) the displays will feature Ultravision International’s new UltraPanel design.

Ultravision International looks forward to strengthening our relationship with Clear Channel UK, and are honored they have selected our cutting-edge UltraPanel displays,” - said William Hall, chief executive officer and co-founder of Ultravision International. “Our intuitive UltraPanel design not only simplifies operation, but it also enhances energy efficiency—two highly sought-after features that distinguish our products throughout the industry.”

Measuring one-foot by two-feet, every UltraPanel has a 7.62-millimetre pitch and is composed of 3,200 pixels that have a matrix of 40x80. A built-in receiver card allows advertisers to monitor the panels remotely. The product features single-phase power operation and is described as highly energy efficient.

We are excited about expanding our large-format digital presence across the nation,” - commented Will Ramage, director of business development at Clear Channel UK. “Our partnership with Ultravision International and Active International allows us to help iconic brands connect with consumers through vibrant, state-of-the-art displays while solidifying our leadership position in roadside digital.”

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