PixelFLEX joins NanoLumens Partner Program

NanoLumens withdraws their patent infringement lawsuit against PixelFLEX LLC and welcomes Nashville-based LED manufacturer to their Partner Program, as said in the company’s statement from the 19th of October.

The move enables PixelFLEX to exclusively market the company’s Nixel Series flexible LED under the name “TrueFLEX Visualized by NanoLumens”, the press release said.

The partner agreement coincides with the settlement of the corresponding NanoLumens patent infringement lawsuit.

Monty Rains, President, and COO of PixelFLEX commented: "We are pleased to have reached this agreement with NanoLumens, and are happy to have joined the NanoLumens Partner Program. Through this joint effort, we believe that our customers will benefit greatly from the technology, and we are excited to now offer the ‘TrueFLEX visualized by NanoLumens’ LED video solution.

"We welcome PixelFLEX to the NanoLumens Partner Program and we look forward to working with them as they roll out their 'TrueFLEX visualized by NanoLumens' flexible LED displays," – added NanoLumens CEO, Richard Cope. "NanoLumens has invested millions of dollars and man-hours in the development of pioneering innovations that have been justly recognized by the United States Patent Office, and our new relationship with PixelFLEX works to the benefit of everyone."

The Partner Program addresses a group of integration partners with an exclusive right to market NanoLumens products and includes a hands-on training with the company’s experts.



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