Trans-Lux strengthens its positions in global LED market

announced the expansion of its production capacities with the opening of a new design and production facility in Shenzhen, China. The company also set up new partnerships with European LED suppliers in Haute-Rivoire, France, and  in Schwanstetten, Germany.

The new factory in China will complement the existing manufacturing facilities of Trans-Lux in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. According to the company’s statement, Trans-Lux specialists will control mission critical processes to ensure the quality and reliability of products. Ramping up the production with China facility will increase Trans-Lux’s manufacturing efficiencies while reducing overall costs of products, the company said. The new facility in China has already started production of TL Vision (by Trans-Lux), and Prismatronic (by Prismaflex International) branded LED display systems.

Our new design and production resources in China, and the addition of two highly renowned technology partners further support the continued growth of Trans-Lux on a global scale,” said J.M. Allain, President and Chief Executive Officer, Trans-Lux. “Our new manufacturing facility in China complements our manufacturing capabilities here in the USA and allows us to accelerate delivery times with better quality controls. Combined with our new technology partners and expanded product LED display solutions for the Out of Home (OOH) market, Trans-Lux delivers the best value proposition for LED displays in the industry.”

Prismaflex International specializes in design and manufacture of billboards and OOH advertising solutions as well as provides digital printing services. The established partnership between Trans-Lux and Prismaflex International will contribute to supplies of Prismatronic branded LED displays and BBM (Billboard Manager) software solutions into the OOH market of North America.

Squadrat offers comprehensive solutions in the field of video and information systems. Having partnered with Trans-Lux will help Squadrat to enter the North American market with its powerful SX LED display content management software.