LED displays innovations at InfoComm 2016

The InfoComm tradeshow, which took place on June 8-10 in Las Vegas, has been officially recognized as the largest on record. The numbers are self-evident: record 1,000 exhibitors, nearly 39 000 attendees, and over 90 percent of space already rebooked for next year. Titled as the largest AV conference and exhibition in the Western Hemisphere, InfoComm provides the insights of vectors that drive the development of our industry.

Professional tradeshows of this scale are the place to observe the new technologies emerge and mature. Moreover, while the whole picture is beyond our remit, let us briefly review the latest developments in large LED video displays that were presented there.


Leyard CarbonLight LED displayThe company introduced a number of innovative products, in particular, the CarbonLight family of LED displays. What makes the product unique, explained Jennifer Davis, CMO for the international business of Leyard, is the use of carbon fiber as the base material for the displays’ architecture and cabinets. This reduces the product’s weight significantly making it the lightest on the market, said Davis. The product line includes five series, each one designed for a particular appliance for the utmost flexibility of configurations. The demonstration piece belonged to CLA series, which includes the 1.5 and 1.9mm pixel pitches, and featured a wave-like design with both concave and convex elements.

The eye-catcher of the booth was a stunning 8K resolution LED video wall featuring 1.2mm pixel pitch. The wall was composed of 64 individual TWA displays configured in a seamless canvas. The booth also featured a technology demonstration of a 4K video wall comprised of 0.9mm LED tiles.


NanoLumens Outdoor PerformanceThe company showcased their entire lineup of LED video products including the recently introduced Outdoor Performance and Outdoor Gallery Series of displays. According to NanoLumens, the Outdoor Performance displays featured 9,000 nits+ brightness, which makes them a best-in-class product in terms of brightness and contrast ratios. The product is available for shipment in both 8mm and 10mm pixel pitch configurations.

NanoLumens has also presented their newly developed  for LED digital signage. The product is described as a multi-functional solution that incorporates real-time remote diagnostics, media playing, and optimized software applications in one system.

Apart from this, the company announced the opening of its third visualization center located in Las Vegas.


Among the highly expected innovations was the  referred to as digital media canvas. The technology was exposed on the demo wall of 9.7m by 2.7m with the 8K by 2K resolution. According to Sony, CLEDIS is based on LED wall technology but with micro-LEDs that are 1/100th of the size of a conventional service mount diode. “The result is that the 99% of the wall surface is black, and it gives you an immense contrast capability, - commented Sander Phipps, product manager for display group at Sony. It’s a 3D without being a 3D; it actually draws you in”.

CLEDIS is said to outperform traditional LED technology regarding color rendition, contrast ratio, viewing angle and efficiency. The demo piece featured an actual pitch of 1.26mm and looked like a black monolithic canvas when not displaying content. According to Phipps, the company will start shipping the finished product late this year. The price is not revealed yet but is expected to be compatible with LED video displays, said Phipps.  


SiliconCore Tulip 3.9mm outdoor LED screenThe company showcased their lineup of Ultra HD displays with the Camellia 0.95mm headlining the exposition. The product is branded as the highest-resolution display on the market for direct-view LED so far.

The company also unveiled their first outdoor solution, the Tulip Outdoor 3.9mm. Same as SiliconCore’s fine pitch indoor displays the new product is based on Common Cathode chip technology, which now has been extended to outdoor. The display is IP65 rated, features 4500 Nits brightness and comes in a 0.5m by 0.5m form factor.

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