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LED video solutions at InfoComm 2015

Speaking of LED displays at InfoComm 2015 one can’t help but agree with from CTS: “The LED pixel pitches were tighter, the displays were bigger, and 4k seemed to be the phrase of the week”. This apt conclusion summarizes the main trends in the large LED displays market today. InfoComm 2015 found major LED manufacturers presenting fine pitch solutions for the control room, boardroom, retail and corporate applications at close viewing distances (1.3 meters and less). Here is our brief summary of the most remarkable products showcased.


showcased its most diverse range of video walls, including the newly launched  and Planar RA-Series LCD Video Walls (pictured above).

In line with the current tendencies in the LED displays market, Planar DirectLight LED video walls feature narrow pixel pitch that comes in four options - 1.6, 1.9, 2.5 and 3.1mm. Offering a flexible solution to fit any viewing distance and budget.

As LED technology has advanced, many LED video wall products have lagged in terms of meeting fundamental commercial requirements that are important to purchasing organizations”, - comments Steve Seminario, senior product marketing manager for Planar Systems. “Things like alignment quality, overall depth, reliability, and support are not up to par. Planar DirectLight leverages the positive trends in LED technology while delivering true commercial quality capabilities required for every professional video wall”.

The Planar DirectLight LED Video Wall System was recognized as a top-tier product by professional AV community and received four industry awards as Best Digital Signage and Three Best of Show Awards. “At InfoComm 2015 we received great feedback on our Planar DirectLight LED Video Wall System. We helped customers appreciate the best use cases for the different video wall technology we employ in our products including LED, ultra-narrow bezel LCD, and DLP rear projection”, - said Steve Seminario.

In addition to its video wall solutions, Planar displayed a wide range of 4K and ultra-HD LCD displays and interactive touchscreen display solutions. The company also showcased its collection of online tools designed to help customers visualize their video wall installations before making a purchase.


presented its complete range of direct view LED displays all featuring the proprietary Common Cathode technology, including the Lavender 1.2 mm, Magnolia 1.5 mm and Peony 2.6 mm. To demonstrate their off axis viewing capabilities LED tiles were assembled in large 4K and curved screens. 

SiliconCore Magnolia screenEric Li, CEO of SiliconCore Technology, defined the most prosperous markets for LED displays as those where high resolution and performance is vital. “The key trend in the nearest future will be a push to higher resolution and performance LED displays, which like our 1.2 mm LED Display will prove popular with corporate and control room applications.”

The Lavender display is the highest resolution LED product that has ever been launched by SiliconCore, the company said. The screen is stated to achieve Full HD with a diagonal of just 110 inches to fit even the smallest room and have a viewing distance of less than one meter.

SiliconCore offers the highest resolution LED Displays in the world, and we have consistently been the first to market with the lowest pixel pitch since our launch into the market four years ago”, - commented Eric Li. He also added: “The Common Cathode Technology is the foundation for scalable LED displays. It enables our products to maintain the same or better performance with higher resolution at considerably reduced power and thermal dissipation than alternative displays.”

Lavender 1.2 mm pixel pitch full HD LED display was recognized as the winner of AV Technology Best of Show Awards and was highly commended by the panel of professional AV judges.


showcased projection, direct-view LED, and video processing technologies with the Christie Boxer, Christie Velvet LED and the Christie Spyder and Pandoras Box being in focus.

Highlighting the advantages of Christie Velvet LED displays was a demo video wall featuring side by side LED tiles of 1.5, 1.9, 2.5, 3.0 and 4.0 mm pixel pitches.

Christie Velvet LED tiles are stated to have high fill factor because of tight pixel pitches combined with larger diodes. It results in clearer visuals and better viewing proximity while making the display technology more affordable, the company said. The Velvet LED tiles won a Readers’ Choice Aaward from the rAVe magazine and were recognized as “Favorite Video Wall Product” by its readers. The Christie Velvet LED Apex Series also captured a Best of Show award for ‘New and outstanding products exhibited at InfoComm’ from Digital Signage magazine.

Totally, Christie products won six awards ranging from two ’Best of Show’ awards to ‘Most Innovative Emerging Technologies’.

Christie LED tiles were used to demonstrate the image enhancement screen launched by Stewart Filmscreen. The FIDELEDY Vision screen enables smooth film-like vision for closer viewing distance even in larger pixel sizes, the announcement said. Moreover, it eliminates moire effect and can be used in broadcasting and filmmaking.

presented its new 1.9 millimeter LED display solution, designed for indoor digital signage applications. The product is described as featuring low power consumption, long life and better thermal management than the industry standard, the announcement said. Daktronics' booth also featured a 4- millimeter video display solution; a 6 millimeter curved video podium and a wall exposing LED modules with various pixel pitches available in Daktronics’ product line-up.


LianTronics InfoComm 2015

As the LED displays market keeps on steadily moving to further decreasing of pixel pitches, presented its new V series of small pixel LED Displays with 1.6 mm pixel density. The small pixel pitch LED display is described as seamlessly designed, having a long life span, and can deliver sharp and natural images for the audience seated in front rows, the announcement said.

According to Albert Bouzaglo, Sales Engineer in LianTronics, the company sees rental business as the most prosperous over the past years with customers looking for fine pitch LED solutions. Therefore, LianTronics exhibited a range of products for outdoor and indoor rental applications, including R3Ⅱ, RX7 and RK8, rental applications. Designed as rental LED screens, the R series of LED displays are described as extremely light and slim panels providing perfect quality and convenient design, the company said.


exhibited a range of end-to-end video solutions with content, playback and collaboration for all markets. Among the latest industrial display technologies were revealed 1.6 mm pixel pitch LED tiles, 55 inches OLED display with HDBaseT connectivity embedded, 2500 NITS 75 inches full LED LCD high-bright display and more.

Primeview InfoComm 2015Having observed the significant growth of the broadcast market over the past two years, Primeview was particularly focused on exhibiting engaging video solutions for the market. “On a technology level, Primeview chose InfoComm as the venue to boast our broadcast quality refresh rates and contrast ratios that trump the competition. To do so, Primeview partnered with globally recognized 3D REAL-TIME graphic rendering and content providers to show dynamic fast moving video for broadcast, stadiums and high-level enterprise prospective customers”, - explained Chanan Averbuch, Senior VP of sales and marketing at Primeview USA. He also added, that despite fine-pitch LED tiles going down in price, moire effect and viewing distance limitations are still slowing down mass adoption of LED visual solutions by broadcast customers.


showcased its full range of high resolution (small pixel pitch) LED products, with the 1.2 mm pixel pitch 8k Wall being a central point of the booth. Measuring 9.7 m wide by 2.7 m high the video wall incorporated latest LED technologies.

According to Phillip Reyes, executive vice president of Leyard USA, apart from UHD resolution the video wall is also remarkable for its mechanical platform. The cabinet’s size was changed to 54 inches which is similar to LCD’s concept yet provides all the benefits of direct-view LED technology. Moreover, unique cabinet design makes the product superior to any other LED display in the market with an ease of installation and access, added Phillip Reyes.

Next to the 8K wall was a triangle LED tower exposing Leyard’s top-trading products of 1.6, 1.9, and 2.5 mm with each side of the triangle featuring a different pixel pitch.

Leyard also unveiled a prototype of 0.9 mm pixel pitch LED display made up from TW 54 inches cabinets. The screen is stated to enable HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels in one LED cabinet. A full production is announced to start in 2016.

It is worth mentioning that Leyard’s 0.9 mm pixel pitch LED prototype was among ten of the most notable new products at InfoComm 2015.

unveiled its 1.8 mm NanoSlim Engage high-resolution display platform surpassing its solution of 2.5 mm presented earlier this year . Featuring high-performance capabilities the NanoSlim Engage was recognized as Featured Product by Sound and Communications and named Product of the Month by Installation Magazine.


presented its bezel-free 6K wide control room solution assembled from 1.5 mm LED tiles. The seamless LED video wall featured three windows and illustrated possible applications in telecom, utilities/oil/gas, power industries, and security/traffic/operation centers. Among the products highlighted were also a 138 inches Upanel LED Super TV, a Utile rental display, and a sleek profile Usim window display.

Unilumin InfoComm 2015Unilumin is among a few LED displays manufacturers ready to supply the UHD video wall with a pixel pitch as low as 0.8 mm. “We have developed a touch LED screen and have been developing AI technology in outdoor products. For indoor markets, we lead the market with 0.8 mm pixel pitch LED display application”, - commented Thomson Xie, marketing director of Unilumin Group Co., Ltd.

Unilumin’s UTV series of ultra high-density LED displays are available with pixel pitches of 0.8 mm, 1 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.4 mm to 1.6 mm, 1.9 mm and 2.5 mm to fit any environment and budget.

Summing up the main trends in large LED displays market today, Steve Seminario, senior product marketing manager for Planar Systems, says: “Ultra-fine pitch LED displays have reached a pixel density and price level where they are at least part of the conversation for a large percentage of indoor video wall decisions today. While they still lag behind other video wall technologies in pixel density and can be more expensive, LED displays’ seamlessness, image quality, and lifespan make them a compelling choice. The trend towards finer pitch and lower price will serve to broaden the adoption of LED even further”.

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