Center-hung LED display system, Ole Miss

Daktronics LED media systems to fit out sport arenas

The importance of digital solutions for sports facilities is hard to overestimate. As LED technology goes down in price more local sports centers, adopt top-notch video display systems to enhance their fans’ game-day atmosphere.

With years of experience in LED visual solutions, is particularly focused on large video systems for sports venues. During the summer season of 2015 the company has performed over 20 installations in the sports sector including international projects in London and Mexico. All the displays installed are stated to feature today's cutting-edge technology including variable content zoning and wide angle visibility to deliver clear image to every seat in the facility.

On September, the 1st, the company announced its latest installation in a new basketball arena of the University of Mississippi. The centerpiece cube incorporates approximately 210 square meters of active LED display space and is claimed the largest center-hung display system in college sports, the announcement said. The system features 6 mm pixel pitch. Incorporated into centerpiece are three 10 mm pixel pitch ring displays. Supplementing the installation is a fascia display with 178 m in circumference and a 6 mm box office display.

Prior to this Daktronics supplied LED displays to upgrade the Giant Center of Hershey Entertainment & Resorts in Pennsylvania. The installation includes a center hung cube composed of four convex displays with 6 mm pixel pitch, ribbon displays, and an end zone display.

Large LED display in Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn UniversityAmong Daktronics’ summer projects the Auburn University installation stands out with its impressive 1003 square meters of LED space. According to the company’s statement, the vast digital canvas of 17 m high by 57 m wide is the largest LED video display in college football. The new display features 13HD technology and is matched with the company’s control and audio systems.

The installations were performed at summer season to be completed before the fall sports season starts.

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