NanoLumens LED in CenturyLink's center.

NanoWrap displays enhance visual statement of a high-tech center

, a global communications, hosting, cloud, and IT services company, has its new Technology Center of Excellence in Monroe, Louisiana, fitted out with flexible LED panels. Circular displays contribute to the total high-tech concept of the center while accentuating architectural features of its spacious lobby.

According to the announcement the NanoWrap displays are 1 m in diameter and attached to three-story pillars using a unique mounting system. The circular panels cover 3.6 m of vertical space on each column. The displays have 5 mm space lining and are reported to provide a continuous stream of full-motion video.

The displays can operate both as stand-alone units and a synchronous set. The content is fed over IPTV via fiber from a cloud-based content delivery system, the announcement said.

The lobby where the displays are installed features over 3400 square meters of electrochromic glass by thus making it well-lit with ambient light. However, the self-regulated brightness of NanoLumens displays ensures clear visibility under any conditions, the company said.

The space and energy efficient NanoWrap solution offers a quiet, low energy consuming cylindrical visualization wherever a customer would like to place it,” emphasized NanoLumens Executive Vice President of Business Development, Karen Robinson. “Whether that’s hanging overhead, in a fixed position on its own, or around the columns of a building. NanoWrap solutions are made to equip customers like CenturyLink with the perfect visualization solution that’s just right for them, no matter what size, shape, or curvature is needed.

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