Media eyes watch the public at Birmingham New Street station

Network Rail commissioned  to design, manufacture and install a bespoke LED solution for the renovated New Street railway station in Birmingham, UK. The system incorporates three giant architecturally-designed LED displays - or digital ‘media eyes’ – installed at each of the station’s main entrances. 

 The displays span up to 29.5 metres by 6.3 metres. The South and South East eyes are composed of over 1000 custom-made LED modules configured to create the complex curve geometry. The North West eye features a transparent LED mesh designed to let the natural light into the station concourse below, the company said. 

 Birmingham New Street station refurbishment

All three media eyes will be operated by media company . The project is described as the first of its kind for the UK’s ‘out-of-home’ advertising market because of the technologies used. Along with the complex geometry, the displays are reported to feature hidden cameras for the facial recognition of people passing the station. According to James Harrison from Signature Outdoor, a company belonging to Ocean Group, the screens will determine certain demographic groups based on gender and age to deliver targeted ads.  

The media content for the eyes will display a portion of public information for the city as well as commercial advertising. The screens can also be used to display station messaging in emergency situations, said the Ocean news.  

The installation was delivered as part of the £750-million redevelopment of New Street Station, which was recognized as the largest refurbishment project in Europe. 

Based in Birmingham, Concept Sign and Display Group is the arm of Californian-based technology company  that operates the European and Middle East regions. 

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