Morgan Stanley boasts new digital set-up

Morgan Stanley investment bank deployed a data-driven LED digital signage outside their global headquarters at 1585 Broadway in Times Square. The project was delivered by Academy Award-winning creative studio in partnership with , financial data provider, and media company.

The site comprises seven LED screens of different shapes and aspect ratios, e.g. two barrels, two panels, and three tickers. The displays are configured to operate as a single digital canvas. Featuring six million LED pixels the giant screen displays over 2000 distinct pieces of content each day for 19 hours, as noted in the sign's . The site occupies the length of a city block and offers 1189 square meters of live content.

The installation replaced the previous setup of the amber ticker that had been in place for over 20 years. For the project, Framestore developed a custom hardware system that allows to create efficiently content, display it within designed templates and graphics, and combine with various data inputs and visualizations.

Jonny Dixon, the producer at Framestore, commented: ‘The feeds, the data input, additional inputs via a CMS – these were simply not possible with the older systems. We’re moving more into content creation here, integrating corporate videos with dynamic content driven by real-time data’.

The dynamic content system provides for visualization of financial data. For example, commodity prices displayed on tickers are backed with visuals of oil, gold and corn filling up barrel-shaped screens. Alongside statistical data, the displays will be used to promote Morgan Stanley's working culture and research papers.

“The sheer scale of the screens and the flow of roughly 1800 blocks of live content per day, required a unique creative approach,” - said Damian Totman, Executive Creative Director of Bloomberg’s internal creative agency. “We created a strong visual system that flexes to be typographic, info-graphic and cinematic.”

According to Framestore and Bloomberg, the companies will continue their partnership with Morgan Stanley to provide relevant, up-to-date content for their LED signage.

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