Storm Cromination London marks the biggest upgrade in UK’s DOOH

, a digital brand of OOH media giant Clear Channel UK, used LED video technologies to transform the Cromwell Road site into a top digital advertising platform. The LED displays, developed by were made available to Clear Channel through its partnership with Active International UK.

The installation known as Storm Cromination London consists of six consecutive LED video displays comprising totally 450 square meters of digital space. Put together as a single 72-m long video canvas, the installation is claimed to be one of the longest Digital Out of Home advertising sites in Europe.

Deployed for the project were 1200 LED tiles of Ultravision’s lightweight Ultrapanel. Each screen measures 4.8m high by 7.2m wide and has a resolution of 1600 by 400 pixels. Supplementing the main ad screens are six LED nameplates used as logo box screens.

According to Storm, the six displays are sold together as a single opportunity meaning one exclusive advertiser at a given time will dominate all the screens. Depending on the campaign’s needs, the visuals can be displayed each per screen or span across all six displays in sync. Advertisers will also have an opportunity to add 2D and 3D structures to the site in order to create urban theatrics, the announcement said.

Cromwell Road is one of the busiest A-roads in Europe, being the connection between London and Heathrow Airport. With around two million impacts, every two weeks the ad space along that route is considered among the top advertisement mediums in the UK.

The Storm Cromination London site was launched on the 12th of October. The project is part of Clear Channel’s wider digital transformation project that implies four new Storm sites across London, the company said.

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