NanoLumens LED video solutions gracing the Pacific Fair mall key areas

The newly refurbished Pacific Fair shopping center in Queensland now features the largest set of curved LED video solutions in Australia. Four large NanoCurve LED displays are said to operate together with a common content to create a single advertising pallet.

The NanoLumens displays were recommended by , a digital display and place-based media consultancy specializing in next generation of high-resolution LED solutions. The installation was performed by Digi Corporate integrator company.

Suspended above the Oculus department store are three single-sided 5mm NanoCurve LED displays each measuring 5.2m high by 2.9m wide. The 6mm double-sided video solution of 5.3m high by 3.1m wide is installed near the Myer store. The display features a unique wave shape running through the display.

The Oculus atrium space displays are arranged in a circular mode to face main pedestrian corridors. The esthetic design of the atrium required displays to be thin and light to harmonize with its large open space under the glass roof. Regarding design the displays’ format and shape were the biggest challenge, admitted Stephen Rubie, Digital Place Solutions co-founder.

NanoLumens offered the best solution — a perfectly curved solution at a resolution fine enough for close viewing from the upper levels of the atrium,” – explained Rubie. “The NanoLumens 5mm NanoCurve was ideal for the application: fine pitch, perfect curve, and super-wide viewing angles across multiple levels of the mall allowed DPS and the mall design team to develop a stunning solution in the Oculus atrium space. With a depth of just over four inches, the NanoLumens displays allowed the designers to complement the display with a lighting feature on the inside of the array creating a chandelier effect”.

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