Gtek flying ribbon creative LED display

LED Flying Ribbon illuminates HuiYi Times Square

Zhengzhou city got a new landmark as the giant Gtek-manufactured LED display lights above the commercial complex of HuiYi Times Square. The display’s creative shape is said to be inspired by a mythical story of a goddess who lost her flying ribbon from heaven.

 According to , the ceiling-mounted display is over 80m long and spans at 1100 square meters. The multi-surfaced visual solution includes two circular LED displays installed at the different height above the shopping mall’s entrance. The displays feature interactivity function for a better shopping experience, the company said.

Gtek LED flying ribbon displayAccording to a press release, the display is shaped as an irregular wave with its height varying from 15 to 23 meters. The display’s unusual shape took over half of the year to design and was implemented by using multi-surfaced LED display units, the company said.

The display is composed of 16mm Bri-curtain Air LED modules designed for fixed outdoor installations. The product is described as an energy-saving, light-weight solution that can be customized for different application environments and creative projects. The Bri-curtain Air line-up features 16mm, 20mm, and 25mm pixel pitch options.

The display’s creative design suggests a unique cultural sense with a romantic hint, which is believed to attract new visitors and enhance business activity in HuiYi Times Square complex.

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