LED video technologies add charm to Le Lido shows

From March 2015, famous Parisian cabaret and burlesque show set its luxurious performance against LED backdrop. The displays feature slim design and front-accessibility that made the installation possible despite limited space conditions, the company said.

Totaling of 100 square meters the setting includes the main screen and two moving side screens installed on the stage. As the stage constantly transforms itself during the show it was crucial for the screens to fit within limited space on the stage.

The central piece is composed of Krypton P6 thin-profile, front-accessible LED tiles designed for indoor/outdoor fixed installations. According to Artixium, the Krypton series features a unique design that allows to integrate cabinet structure into the installation frame itself solving the problem of limited space.

The moving screens feature 72 cabinets of P4 indoor Hydrogen LED tiles which are referred to as a highly customizable display suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Tags: Artixium