ARCH technology behind the largest DS screen in Belgium

The Belgian LED screen and lighting manufacturer has performed a number of installations recently, including the massive I-CONIC LED screen in the heart of Brussels, according to the company's statement. 

The display measures 16m long by 9m high and is composed of front-serviceable ALS 10S outdoor LED tiles featuring 10mm pixel pitch. With the onboard PCS (Passive Cooling System) technology exclusive to the company’s screens, the display is described as the extremely light-weight video solution with decreased power consumption and optimized performance.

Placed more than 30 meters above the ground, the screen has been installed in one whole piece, thanks to the support of an enormous crane for the occasion.

The display is managed by Clear Channel and billed as the biggest interactive digital screen in Belgium.

arch bodum contentThe new Bodum Store in Brussels has got two ARCH-manufactured LED screens installed indoors to enhance customers’ experience. The setting includes large curved window display and the 4mm pixel pitch back area screen.

The window display measures 3m high by 6m long and has a 90º curve to embrace the front of the building. Composed of ALSi 10mm High Bright LED tiles the indoor screen is capable of 5.000 Nits cd/m2 brightness to be clearly visible during the day for passersby, the company said.

The PCS technology mentioned above ensures advanced cooling with the noiseless operation, which is a considerable comfort in a shopping space.

Moreover, ARCH has provided a small LED screen of ALS 6S 6mm outdoor 7000 Nits for the French municipality of CHOOZ. The video solution is installed at the approaches of the bridge crossing the river of La Meuse for the safety of users. As the bridge has only one lane the screen broadcasts in real time the camera filmed video image of the other side of the bridge.

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