UHD LED wall installed at the Verizon Center

, a turnkey provider of LED lighting and LED video displays, have designed and installed the 1.25mm LED video wall at the concourse of Verizon Center, Washington, D.C. Comprising of 6,912,000 pixels the video wall is described as the highest-density LED configuration for a sports venue in the United States.

The video wall measures approximately 2.1m high by 6.4m wide with a resolution of 1,440 by 4,800 pixels. The display features SMD technology with over 62 million diodes deployed.

"Installing one of the tightest pitch permanent displays in the country created some unique challenges,"- commented Carl Hubben, SNA project manager for the video wall installation. "Eliminating seams on such a tight product takes a great deal of attention to detail in the design stage for the display's structure and sub-frame. We relied heavily on the skill of our project team during the installation process."

High pixel density makes the display look like an LCD but with the broader viewing angles, enhanced brightness and a viewing cone up to 179 degrees. "Even at three feet away, it's very difficult to distinguish individual pixels,"- said Hubben.

"About 60 percent of visitors for events come in through our main entrance," - said David Touhey, MSE senior vice president and general manager of Verizon Center. "We wanted something to engage visitors and improve the overall fan experience. The video wall provides for a variety of content, including live in-game video feeds, partner and social media content and wayfinding."

The recently installed indoor LED wall adds to the SNA video equipment at the Verizon Center. In 2013 the company manufactured and supplied nine LED faces installed outside the arena as part of its exterior makeover.

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