Rome airport digital advertising project wins InAVation Award

Digitization of Rome’s Fiumicino Airport brought the title of ‘Most Innovative Digital Project’ at the InAVation Awards event held at the ISE 2016. The large-scale project, which took two years to complete, deploys a variety of LED visual solutions for the efficient and innovative advertising programme.

Working with Rome’s Fiumicino Airport, Clear Channel Italy embarked on different advertising strategy by reducing advertising space by 40%. Instead, the strong focus was on creating digital spaces that would lead to more interaction with audiences at the airport. According to Jonathan Goldsmid, Airports Director for Clear Channel Italy, the advertising programme in Rome is a "game changer in the out-of-home market".

Absen A2 Clear Channel ItalyThe highlights of the project are four seamless digital columns installed at the airport's C Gate area. The 4-sided pillars are composed of Absen A2 LED tiles with the 2.5mm pixel pitch. Covering the total area of 61.44 square meters the video solutions are booked exclusively by Chanel.  

Subsequently, two large AI06 LED screens were set up in Terminal 3’s check-in hall – the airport's main international terminal. The video solutions of 6.25mm pixel pitch measure 8m x 4.5m and are intended for the viewing distance of 10-15m.

Also installed during the project were the AI03 and AI05 LED displays with the pixel pitches of 3.9mm and 5.2mm respectively. Terminal 1's check-in hall, which serves as the hub for Alitalia & Sky Team flights to domestic & Schengen destinations, received two large AI03 LED screens operated exclusively by Conde Nast. Installed last in the check-in area was a 36sqm AI05 screen sandwiched between 2 traditional lightboxes.

Absen AI06 LED screens Clear Channel Italy Rome's AirportThe 12sqm AI03 LED display was installed in the area for non-Schengen arrivals and utilized exclusively by Prada.

Commenting on the project, Goldsmid said: “Airports are so much more than mere transit points for people these days; they are fundamentally seen as part of the travel experience, and so airports are investing heavily in creating exciting, innovative added value experiences for passengers”. Goldsmid also stated that "advertisers are now flocking back to Fiumicino" enticed by the airport's rejuvenated digital landscape.

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