Bristol Motor Speedway boasts the largest center-hung display

Colossus, the giant center-hung LED video solution is about to be revealed at Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee, USA. Billed as the world’s largest outdoor, permanent, cable-hung digital display, Colossus debuts on the weekend of April 16-17 to give race fans unprecedented high-resolution and sound.

, the Texas-based LED display provider, has been in charge of the project since it broke ground in October 2015. The company project managed Colossus on behalf of Panasonic, the technology partner, known for creating large-scale display systems for sports venues across the USA.

Colossus GoVision digiLEDThe video system features four custom-built digiLED Toura LED screens each measuring 9m high by 19.2m wide. In total, the system is said to host nearly 54 million LEDs and over 18 million pixels and is capable of displaying 281 trillion different color combinations. With the pixel pitch as close as 6mm Colossus has its pixels grouped tighter than the large-scale outdoor displays in Times Square, the press release said.

The video system includes a lower viewing ring measuring 1.5m high by almost 57m in circumference, for an additional 89 square meters of digital space.

The display will rise via four massive support towers positioned outside the bowl and ranging in height from 58-67 meters. The system will then be free-hanging over the infield by suspension cables that are larger than the vertical cables supporting the Golden Gate Bridge, the press release said. The total weight of the structure is said to exceed 680 tons including the weight of supporting towers, screen frame and screens, and cabling.

Colossus’ multi-4k-content distribution system will be controlled by 36 digiLED Navigator-NV LED Processors via fiber optic loom that contains more than 140 cores.

Supplementing the video system will be a state-of-the-art, 540,000-watt audio system powering 380 3-way loudspeakers and 48 stadium subwoofers.

Every time I come in here, I’m still blown away,”- commented Jerry Caldwell, Executive Vice President & General Manager at Bristol Motor Speedway. “I’ve seen this project from the get-go when it came out of Bruton’s head. You can’t get a feel for it until you walk in here and see there is truly a three-story building suspended over the top of the racetrack.

According to GoVision, they will have the product available within their inventory when it is not being used at the Speedway circuit.

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