Gtek Creative LED Soaring Bird

Gtek expands project portfolio with two massive installs

The company announced it had completed two large-scale installations in April, each one exceeding a thousand square meters of digital space. The projects include curved outdoor display in Shantou and a creative LED display for Dalian Central Avenue Shopping Mall.

The Shantou display is installed on the façade of the Jiaxin Building, the first CBD symbolic building in eastern Guangdong, China. The video solution embraces the curved front side of the building without blocking natural lighting, the company said. The display occupies 1855 square meters and features 16mm line spacing. 

The Dalian shopping mall display is a 10mm LED canopy totaling of 1138 square meters. Named as Creative LED Soaring Bird, the display is designed to resemble a giant seagull with its body above the atrium and wings spread on both sides of the center. According to a press release, the idea was prompted by the concept of the Central Avenue Shopping Mall with its design inspired by an Ocean theme.

Both projects deploy Bri-Curtain LED video technology, which Gtek says is a light-weight, high-transparent, energy-efficient solution for a wide range of applications.

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