NanoLumens display lit up in Sydney’s shopping mall

, an Australian DOOH operator, turned to , an Australia’s digital display and media consultancy, to provide an LED visual solution for Mirvac Broadway Shopping Center in Sydney, Australia. Chosen for the installation was double-sided 4.5mm pixel pitch NanoSlim LED video solution by .

With the dimensions of 2.44m wide by 4.42m high (resolution of 512 pixels wide x 928 pixels high) the display weighs 573kg, the company said.

The installation within the atrium was possible thanks to the display’s slim and lightweight design, said Stephen Rubie, director of Digital Place Solutions. “Because of NanoLumens’ lightweight technology, we were able to utilize unused internal airspace within the central atrium of the shopping center without incurring any additional structural costs,”- explained Rubie. “We were able to suspend a massive double-sided LED display within the atrium area that is surrounded by three levels of escalators. The net result is that advertising digital content is seen by virtually everyone who comes into the Broadway Sydney!

The installation marks NanoLumens’ first heavily trafficked retail location in Sydney, pointed out the company’s vice president of strategic accounts Almir DeCarvalho.

With the Mirvac Broadway’s display NanoLumens continues the series of NanoSlim installations for key Australian shopping locations, including  in Brisbane,  in Queensland, and in Melbourne. The projects are performed through the partnership with Digital Place Solutions, which is NanoLumens’ representative in the region.

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