T-Mobile Arena center-hung configuration

Daktronics provides 25 LED displays for Las Vegas' newest landmark

The newly opened T-mobile Arena in Las-Vegas features over 1500 square meters of LED video technology installed in and around the venue. The installation includes a massive see-through video wall of irregular shape above the main entrance as well as a center-hung configuration, fascia, tunnel entry, scorer's tables, and exterior displays, the press release said.

"Daktronics is excited to be a part of this landmark project in Las Vegas for T-Mobile Arena. Integrating and Controlling 25 displays in a single facility speaks to the depth of our engineering capabilities as a company and is sure to bring amazing experiences for fans at every event. We're ecstatic about the completed project and the displays that add to the bright lights of the city,"- said the company’s Sales Representative, Mark Johnson.

The centerpiece of the facility comprises 12 displays with 6mm line spacing. Four main displays measure 6.4m high by 10.9m wide and 6.4m high by 6.4m wide, with the two larger displays facing the sides of the arena and smaller displays located to face its ends. The centerpiece has its corners filled with displays, plus four displays are installed on the underside of the center-hung to provide additional viewing opportunities.

Trapezoid facade by Daktronics at T-mobile Arena The exterior semi-transparent display measures 13m high by 64m wide and, according to Daktronics, is the first see-through display in Las Vegas. The video solution features a trapezoid shape and is composed of freeform linear elements with 50mm pixel layout. The technology provides a video surface for outside viewers while still allowing those inside the building to see out through the display, the company said.

The display’s unique aspect ratio caused by its trapezoid shape is managed by Daktronics’ new 6000 Series Display Interface with proprietary Pure Pixel Processing (P3) technology, the press release said.

The installation also includes two ribbon displays mounted to the seating fascia, four tunnel displays mounted above entrances to the seating area and six scorer's tables positioned on the sidelines of the court.

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