Samsung Electronics LED signage at the Plaza del Callao, Madrid.

Vertical LED signage towers upon Madrid’s Plaza del Callao

In June together with Super 8, founders of City Lights, completed a massive outdoor installation in one of the busiest shopping and entertainment venues in Madrid.

The vertical LED signage is integrated seamlessly on the exterior of one of the Plaza’s tallest buildings. The 6mm display measures 37m high by 6m wide and has a 960x5760 resolution. With the Plaza seeing daily over 51,000 cars and 113 million people each year, the display offers prime visibility for advertisers.

According to Samsung Electronics, the P6 LED signage features additional enhancements that refine picture quality. The deeper contrast and a wider viewing angle are due to the deployment of industry’s highest quality diodes, the company said.

According to the press release, the P6 LED signage ensures long-term performance due to the unique composition. A high-resolution Surface Mount Diode (SMD) board and cabinet structure extend the signage’s lifespan and guarantee continuous performance for up to 100,000 hours. Additionally, each P6 series display includes embedded temperature control and ventilation management technologies that further reduce energy and overall ownership costs.

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