Digital art installation towers the lobby of Denver skyscraper

Wells Fargo Center in Denver, USA, has recently become a talking point for the public as five digital pillars grace its atrium in a visually arresting public art installation. The columns are made of high-res LED displays that rise 26m high throughout the whole height of the eight-story atrium.

Both the concept and the content for the installation were developed by ESI Design, a New York-based experiential design firm. The company specializes in creating engaging environments using an interdisciplinary approach that combines various fields of design, technology, and AV systems.

Digital art installation in Wells Fargo Center "The space demanded a design that was epic in scale, but we didn't want an enormous rectangular screen that would have felt like typical digital signage," - commented Ed Purver, the senior immersive designer at ESI. "So we split the screen into five separate columns of LED to accentuate the impressive verticality of the atrium. Viewed together, they create one canvas."

According to ESI, the content is displayed in several modes that correlate to weather conditions outside the building. The set of videos includes 3-D cascading waterfall that changes speed and volume according to the wind outside; trees that change with the time or day and the season, turning color in the autumn and losing leaves in winter. Colorado mountains mosaic landscapes that are composed of thousands user-generated Instagram photos. A flock of 3,600 flying birds animated in real time with never repeating flying patterns. Also on display are slowly swirling colorful ink drops and animated representation of current weather.

The installation is visible from outside through the atrium’s glass walls. When viewed from a distance, it creates an effect of slits in a giant fence that hides behind vistas of Colorado natural wonders.

Tags: Art installations, ESI Design