AOTO LED displays TBS studio Atlanta

TV studio equipped with AOTO displays

The company has supplied three high resolution LED video displays for the new TBS broadcasting studio in Atlanta, Georgia. 

According to AOTO, the studio video walls are composed of M2.5 Series LED panels totaling of 157 pcs.

The main video wall behind the anchor desk measures 9m wide by 3m high and is used to project broadcasting graphics and highlights. The second one is a curved LED video ribbon, which is mounted into anchor desk to display the primary information of the TV programs. The third screen is a curved LED video wall located leftwards of the anchor desk.

David Wu, the CTO of AOTO said: “In this new studio of TBS, AOTO provides the highest quality components and we are delighted to have been chosen by TBS. As a leading LED display supplier, AOTO can provide superior quality products for customers with low operation and maintenance costs, high life span, highest reliability, brilliant colors, precise light control and low noise.

TBS is a US TV channel owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner. It features a variety of programming, with a focus on sports events, including Major League Baseball and portions of the NCAA.

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