AOTO LED displays in Harrods

Famous department store opts for AOTO displays

The company has provided twelve fine pixel pitch LED displays to be installed on every floor in Harrods, the upscale department store in London, reports AOTO. The displays replace publicizing patterns and are aimed to promote the commercial value of the brand, the press release said.

The LED visual solutions provided for Harrods are MXC series front-serviceable displays with the pixel pitches of 1.7 and 2mm. According to the press release, each floor features a large video wall standing at the aisle and two rectangular screens at the entrance. The entrance screens are composed of 12 individual LED panels that form a pillar-shaped seamless LED display positioned at 90 degrees with a mechanical structure. The total area of installation equals 60 square meters.

Besides what is included within the set of supplied equipment is a self-developed software the Blue Peacock System, LED Construction and Video Control System. The software is used to edit video clips and images, which the company says, enables smooth operation of displays and remote network management. The screens could also be synchronized to show the same promotional content at one time.  

Commenting on the project Steven Shen, the CEO of AOTO, said: “We are delighted to be working with Harrods on the LED displays for the new grand entrance hall and therefore providing the highest quality components. In this very successful department store which has a large volume of customers arriving every day, safety is an important element to be considered. Complying with EMC, AOTO displays can avoid interference and radiation to other equipment.”  

Shenzhen AOTO Electronics Co., Ltd.

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