Arch-shaped LED screen and an LED totem in Posnania

Polish shopping center equipped with hi-tech multimedia

SQM Digital Signage, a Poland-based system integrator, has installed over a hundred multimedia devices for the Posnania shopping center that was opened in October 2016 in PoznaƄ, Poland. The installation includes massive LED screens, Kinect walls and LCD monitors that aim to enhance customers experience in one of the largest and most innovative malls in Central Europe.

Thirty people have been involved in the installation process. The installation took twelve months of which six months were dedicated to the preparation of detailed projects of the installation and the remaining six months to the integration and configuration of all the devices,” – said Adam Michalski, Project Manager of SQM Digital Signage.

One of the most impressive solutions installed within a project is a 360 degree, see-through elliptic LED screen that is suspended in the atrium. With the surface of almost 100sqm, it offers 90% transparency and is the biggest of its kind in Europe, according to a press release.  

The rotunda features an arch-shaped, 48m wide oval LED screen that outlines the interior of the circular hall. The LED arch ends with a 9m high, two-side multimedia totem with an LED screen that is visible on two floors. Two touch-sensitive screens and a camera system integrated with the totem allow customers to make a selfie photo that could be then displayed on a large LED screen.

The project also includes Kinect walls with augmented reality camera as well as LCD monitors and tablets to display special proposals from the shopping mall. The system of screens is managed remotely through SCALA software. Installed hardware includes NEC public display monitors, Dell computers, Elo Touch tablets and Kramer connectivity equipment.

The digital signage installation in Posnania is one of the largest multimedia installations in this part of Europe”– observed Grzegorz Góralczyk, CEO of SQM Digital Signage. “Some of the delivered solutions are so innovative that this part of the world has not seen them before.

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