Ford Field arena to receive massive digital upgrade

Making ready for the start of the 2017 game season, the Detroit Lions are improving their home stadium with a large-scale LED video system from Daktronics. Consisting totally of 21 displays the system is said to provide over 2400 square meters of digital space.

"We're thrilled to continue our partnership with the Detroit Lions by providing new LED technology at Ford Field," – said Daktronics CEO Reece Kurtenbach. "It's a testament to our products, engineering, and services when our current customers stay with Daktronics to complete their vision for venue upgrades. The new displays throughout the stadium are sure to enhance the experience for Lions fans as well as help create an incredible home field advantage for the team".

In each end zone, two main video displays will be installed measuring 12m high by 46.3m wide. The displays will feature a 13HD pixel layout, which Daktronics says is a premium technology for professional football applications combining high-quality imagery with wide viewing angles.

The main displays will be flanked by four additional displays with the same 13HD pixel layout and measuring 3.9m high by 17.9m wide. These displays can be used individually or coordinated with the main displays into continuous, nearly 80m long media canvas to show live video, instant replays, statistics, graphics and animations, and sponsorship messages.

Supplementing the installation will be two column displays described as unique to Ford Field. These will measure 11m high and 19m in circumference and feature 6mm pixel pitch.

Three large ribbon displays will be mounted along the fascia of Gate A to welcome event goers and create an engaging atmosphere for fans while they are away from their seats in the concourse of the stadium.

Moreover, three large ribbon displays will be mounted along the fascia of Gate A to create a welcoming and engaging atmosphere for fans. Four additional ribbon displays with a totaling length of over 1500m will be installed along the seating fascia. Apart from this, four displays will be mounted to the back of the main displays to enhance fans experience throughout the stadium.

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