French car dealership opts for a giant Absen screen

Lyon-based Starterre dealership has its showroom interiors updated with a custom-made LED screen. The project was delivered by IPOView integrator company that specializes in dynamic signage systems.

Clearly visible from the outside, the 53 square meters LED video solution is described as the center of attention both for the customers within the showroom and for the motorists passing by. “Absen’s video wall can be clearly seen from the city’s ring road which passes in front of the Starterre showroom,” – explains Yann Laurençon, digital media manager at IPOView. “The screen features a captor which adapts its brightness based on the ambient light, in accordance with the French legislation.

The screen measures 2.3m high by 23m wide and features 4mm pixel pitch, Absen said. It is composed of 21 N4 LED panels set along 23 meters and 8 modules in height, for a total image resolution of 5760 x 576 pixels.

According to the press release, the video content is managed by a triple flux player (3x 1920px) and a dynamic signage software capable of receiving external data, including live road traffic data. Specific areas of the screen allow the car dealer to display several types of media content simultaneously.

Absen is proud to have been selected by IPOView to digitalize the Starterre showroom. This exceptionally big screen allows the end client to attract a new public, and break away in a highly competitive sector. Thanks to this screen, Starterre is now a truly unique car dealer in France and Europe”, – concludes Alain Kestler, Absen’s representative in the French market.

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