NanoLumens displays deployed to upgrade casino bingo room

The company provided two LED displays that have been installed in the new bingo room at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The installation, which was performed by the integration team at National Technology Associates (NTA), marks the seventh project done in collaboration between Station Casinos, NTA, and NanoLumens, the press release said.

The main display, which is installed inside the bingo room, belongs to Engage Series and features 2.5ΠΌΠΌ pixel pitch. The display measures 2.8m high by 4.8m wide and is used to present the bingo board and new numbers as they’re pulled.

Outside the room, there is a curved Nixel Series display that stretches 17m along the room’s entrance. Featuring 4mm pixel pitch the display shows promotional messages and bingo bonuses to attract people to the room.

Commenting on the project Dave Merlino, the company’s Vice President of Sales, noted: “Casino floors are all about flash and attention-grabbing, and NanoLumens’ displays are known for stopping people in their tracks. The launch of this new bingo room, along with the one at Santa Fe Station, is making bingo even more popular than ever before. It’s an easy, fun and inexpensive game that anybody can enjoy, and our displays, combined with Palace Station’s graphics, are the perfect way to draw new players into the room. We’re excited to continue working with Station Casinos and National Technology Associates to increase customer engagement and drive new revenues.

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