NanoLumens LED displays to excite passengers in Changi airport

Two Performance Series LED displays are installed in a newly made Terminal 4 of Singapore’s Changi airport. The displays were chosen due to their compliance with strict RFP specifications and feature the company’s redesigned proprietary Nixel Series technology.

According to NanoLumens, the solution required several mechanical enhancements to comply with EMI and EMC demands. Also, the technology is reportedly optimized with larger diodes for the highest brightness and is rear serviceable.

The larger screen, which is a massive 70m wide by 5m tall LED canvas with 6mm pixel pitch is located above T4’s centralized security screening area. It is referred to as “Immersive wall” and is said to run 3D animations, Singapore scenery, and a playful animation.

The smaller screen is 10m wide by 6m tall with 4mm pixel pitch. It is located in the departure transit area, within the heritage zone, inspired by Peranakan shophouses in Singapore. Integrated seamlessly into a wall that features faux facades, the screen displays a short romantic film Peranakan Love Story which is set within the historical environment of 1930s Singapore.

Both displays are reported to run throughout the day, displaying visuals created by Moment Factory.

The project was implemented in partnership with Electronics & Engineering PTE LTD, an electronic integrator in the Asia Pacific region.

Terminal 4 of Singapore’s Changi airport is to be inaugurated and will start running on the 31st of October 2017. It is a technologically advanced facility that will offer options such as self-service check-in, automated bag drop, immigration clearance and boarding.

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