ADI LED screens in West Bromwich Albion

West Bromwich Albion upgrades with ADI super wide screens

Nearly 500 square meters of new LED video technology has been installed in the Hawthorns football stadium in West Bromwich, West Midlands, England, according to an announcement from ADI. The installation includes two massive curved LED screens and an S-Line perimeter display.

Each of the displays measures nearly 118 square meters and features Virtual Pixel technology.

The cinematic aspect of the new displays offers an enormous canvas through which to communicate with fans and deliver match enhancing information. The displays’ super wide format allows for segmenting into multiple zones, meaning that the match feed and replays can be delivered alongside social media, partner messages or live match data.

According to ADI, content for the screens will be controlled by the company’s dedicated matchday production team, which is connected to the Hawthorns via ADI’s Live Venue fibre network.

The installation also includes a crowd-facing digiBOARD, which is the company’s proprietary digital perimeter board technology.

Simon King, Chief Commercial Officer at West Bromwich Albion, said: "The installation of the new screens is part of our commitment to enhance the matchday experience for fans, and the super wide format allows us to do that by giving us the flexibility to do so much more than we ever could before. ADI’s screens, and the content they deliver, dramatically transform the stadium experience and create a platform that delivers greater value for our fans and partners."

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