Mitsubishi Electric adds to sportive achievements with Sapporo Dome installation

Mitsubishi Electric installed three hi-tech Aurora Vision displays, also known as Diamond Vision, in Sapporo Dome, northern Japan.

Two of them, each measuring 32.0 meters in width and 8.64 meters in height, are installed symmetrically on the right and left stands. The third is a scoreboard located infield and measuring 3.84 meters by 13.13 meters. The right screen is reported to be 1.5 times larger than the system it replaced. The left-side stands didn’t have a screen previously.

With the 8 mm pixel pitch, the two larger screens deliver a resolution of 4000 x 1080 pixels, making them the highest resolution LED screens in Japanese professional baseball, the company said. 

According to company official sources, the Sapporo Dome installation is one of the first baseball or soccer stadiums in the world to feature Mitsubishi Electric’s unique black package LED technology which is designed to deliver enhanced contrast and superior performance in all lighting conditions.

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