ADI's LED screen at Birmingham Bullring

Benefits of ownership see Bullring Shopping Centre invest in second ADI screen

The Bullring shopping centre have enhanced their digital media portfolio with investment in a second LED screen from the UK’s supplier of LED technology, . The financial and experiential value derived from their initial LED display – installed in December 2012 – encouraged the Bullring to procure an additional large format screen for the Upper Mall East which will also be utilised purely for advertising purposes.

Identical to ADI’s first 23m² installation at the Bullring’s Upper Mall West, the 6mm SMD screen displays full-motion advertising increasing exposure for brand advertisers who can now target shoppers as they pass through both main thoroughfares of the Bullring’s Upper Level and engages with them when they are in the ideal mind-set to purchase.

ADI’s screen is positioned above the main entrance of the Bullring’s Upper West Mall, an area of high footfall which opens onto street level, and one of the centre’s main thoroughfares. For those shopping in this area of the centre the LED display shows digital advertising content in broadcast quality. ADI created a bespoke solution for the Bullring which also incorporated steelwork engineering to support the large screen. The contemporary installation is styled to fit with the Bullring’s modern architecture, and its sleek, edge-less design sits well against the venue’s glass and metal features.

Nita Chambers, Head of Commercialisation at the Bullring Shopping Centre commented, “When we investigated the original screen installation in 2012 we were faced with two choices: A) A screen that’s solely agency-owned or B) Making the investment ourselves in an ADI screen, which allowed us to choose our media partner and ultimately choose what would be broadcast. We chose the latter option which has been successful for Bullring and has led us to add a further screen.”

She added, “ADI have been hugely impressive. The quality of the screen speaks for itself, but their ongoing support and service & maintenance has made ownership a pleasure and also meant that ADI were the natural choice of supplier when we looked to add a further screen to our centre’s digital portfolio.

Drew Burrow, ADI’s Business Development Manager, added, “The model of screen ownership has proven to be both viable and lucrative for shopping centres, particularly those in the top-tier, where brands are keen to target their desirable audiences of receptive consumers. ADI have worked with more than 10 centres who have chosen to make this investment, and all of our clients have recovered their costs within a 12-18 month period; with a lifespan of 8-10 years they can look forward to a very profitable asset in the coming years.  We are now finding that many smaller centres are keen to explore large screen ownership and we hope to replicate a similar model at additional centres across the country.

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