MediaMesh LED façade crowns Mellon Independence Center in Philadelphia

Mellon Independence Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has its rooftop static signage replaced with MediaMesh LED façade from and .

MediaMesh is a digital media solution created by incorporating LED technology from Daktronics into GKD’s metal fabrics. The stainless steel, textile-like mesh features a thin-profile design that allows for creating light semi-transparent video façades for modern and elegant structural appearance.

The installation occupies 633 square meters totally. The media façade is visible on both sides of the MIC building and spreads along its roofline over 100 m long.

"We are thrilled to a have a prominent building like the rebranded Lits building as our first-ever retail/office venue installation by GKD & Daktronics," said Andrew Melton, president of A2aMEDIA. "The application of this unique technology will transform this already remarkable building into an icon of architectural and digital media harmony. The new LED Spectacular is an inventive method to blend the past and future of this historic building in an extraordinary way."

Tags: Daktronics, Media-facade, MediaMesh