Luxury oceangoing liners boast first of its kind video system

Royal Caribbean International has a new hi-tech RoboScreen® system installed in its new Quantum Class cruise ships. The system features six custom-made Daktronics’ displays mounted upon movable robotic arms produced by ABB.

The RoboScreen® system is created by Robotic Arts and installed in the Two70 entertainment venue of each ship. The system features six IRB 6620 robots manufactured by , with each robot having six axes of motion of their own and affixed to the 8.200 kg capacity gantry that lifts and lowers them. Mounted upon the robots are six ’ displays featuring 4 mm pixel pitch and measuring 1.2 m high by 2.1 m wide. The displays can be moved, turned and rotated in coordination with custom-made 3D animations and video signals, the company said. The system integrates with all forms of kinetic arts and coordinates its motion with the performers on the stage to create a natural fluid show.

The RoboScreens transcend all age groups,” says Andy Flessas, also known as andyRobot, Creative Director and founder of Robotic Arts. “A lot of what I do is targeted at specific age groups, but on board the Quantum of the Seas, I’ve seen that everyone from 8-year olds to 88-year olds is transfixed by the robotic performance. They are unlocking this potential that taps into a deep human desire to see futuristic and exciting things.

Daktronics' poolside LED display.Daktronics also provided an outdoor LED video display for the pool deck of each ship. The 10 mm pixel pitch displays measure 3.6 m high by 7 m wide and can be used both as entertainment movie screens and informational boards. The displays are described as featuring superior brightness for better visibility in the high ambient light; the IP-66 protection rating ensures heavy-duty operation even in the moist and salty environment of the high seas, the announcement said. The installation was performed in conjunction with which is a Germany-based media technology system provider.

Overall the ships feature extensive displays’ integration insofar as to have LED displays installed in every interior side cabin (those without a view of the ocean). These ‘virtual balconies’ are reported to show real-time sea sights and sounds through 2 m LED screens. Huge, three-decks-high glass walls of the Two70 hall offer 270-degree panoramic sea views during the daytime and at night are transformed into a digital canvas with the Christie projectors.

For now Royal Caribbean’s fleet has three Quantum class ships: Quantum of the Seas which made its first voyage on November 2, 2014; Anthem of the Seas which made its first voyage on April 22, 2015 and Ovation of the Seas which will be launched in April 2016 in China. These luxury liners feature many first-at-sea innovations including a skydiving simulator; North Star, a jewel-shaped glass capsule that rises 90 m above sea level, providing 360-degree views from high above the ship; and SeaPlex, the largest indoor sports and entertainment complex at sea.


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