Lighthouse LED floor in SSS store, Dubai Mall.

Creative LED installation to fit out new sports store in Dubai Mall

supplied a custom-made LED visual solution for the Sun & Sand Sports’ new store that was recently opened in the Dubai Mall.

The installation includes three sets of 3.9 mm X3 LED panels located overhead in the center of the store. Each screen measures 4.5 m wide by 1 m high and is shaped to fit the circled frame it is affixed to. Supplementing the installation is a round floor screen measuring 20.24 square meters and located beneath the curved screens.

The first-of-its-kind in the Middle East, the Sun & Sand Sports store features a dynamic digital environment filled with integrated game elements. Aside from LED video system there are interactive buying guides, digital wall displays, interactive playing zones and smart dressing rooms available for the shoppers’ disposal.

The Dubai Mall is among the largest shopping destinations in the world with over 1 million square meters of space. In total, The Dubai Mall features more than 400 high-definition LED displays. In 2007, the mall acquired a sophisticated multimedia system that includes 571 square meters of Barco-manufactured LED panels. Applications include digital banners, retractable LED catwalk with five mechanized LED rings suspended above it and a giant screen installed by the side of a skating ring.

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