Oslo installation adds to Absen presence on European LED market

. together with (CNN) installed a large 4K LED display in Tøyen metro station in Oslo, Norway. The installation was carried out by the local government as part of revitalization projects in the eastern area of Oslo, the announcement said.

The display measures 2.5 m high by 11 m wide and is composed of A2 2.5mm LED tiles. For further safety, the screen is encased in a sealed protective glass.

The screen is zoned to display current metro information and advertisement visuals through a 4 DVI input/output set-up; a special segment is dedicated to showing the results of government-initiated renewal activities.

The 4K content for the screens was created by CNN using its in-house software. The installation continues a successful partnership between CNN and Absen for the past three years now.  

Tøyen is one of six major stations shared by all lines of Oslo metro that serves over 88 million commuters annually. The station’s close proximity to Munch art museum and a shopping center located above increase the advertising value of the installation.

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