NanoLumens LED display Indooroopilly

Brisbane installation adds to NanoLumens presence in Australia

Sleek LED visual solution from graced a spacious three-storied atrium of a newly renovated Indooroopilly Shopping Center in the western suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. The installation was performed along with , an Australia’s digital display and media consultancy.  

The double-sided digital banner features 6mm pixel pitch and measuring 7 m high by 4 m wide. Lightweight and ultra-slim profile of the LED video solution makes it possible to meet the requirements of a ceiling’s limited weight capacity to support the display. Suspended 14 m above the floor the display is reported to weigh less than 1,500 Kg and is just 160 mm thick.

Describing the project, Stephen Rubie, a co-founder of Digital Place Solutions, stated: “The attributes of the NanoLumens solution make it possible for the mall to select an appropriately sized display for the atrium without requiring any structural support works to be carried out in the ceiling.” Commenting on the installation Rubie added: “The installation process was made simple with the display being partially fabricated in sections on the floor of the mall with each piece lifted into place with a portable mini crane.”

The recent project is a continuation of a series of NanoLumens retail installations in Australia, which began with the installation of a  shopping centre in December of 2014.

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