EKTA presents new outdoor display

In the forerun of ISE 2016 debuts its new model of HD outdoor LED display with advanced protection level. The company also presents the upgraded lineup of its most popular video solutions from the FrameLED professional series.

According to the press release, the new FrameLED LVM 4C-Qc is the first outdoor LED display that can boast of all-weather performance while having pixel pitch as tight as 4.8mm. The display has its circuit board and electrical connections covered with water-repellent, heat-resistant compound that eliminates any influence of moisture. The use of «outdoor» class LEDs that passed additional environmental testing ensures the display’s resistance to humidity and ultraviolet radiation as well as reliable operation in the wide range of ambient temperatures. The display has its power supply and control unit protected from temperature and moisture as well as guaranteed anticorrosion resistance of structural elements. The display’s protection level of IP65 eliminates the need for additional housing or sealing.

The upgraded FrameLED LVM 6C-Qc outdoor display with 6.9mm pixel pitch features the advanced contrast for better visibility in brightly lit environments.

"Using the latest of small diodes has enabled us to achieve a high contrast ratio while retaining all the advantages of the old model - high brightness, low power consumption, and reliability," - explained Roman Kharkhalis, EKTA product manager of LED displays solutions.

The indoor model of iLVM 2C-Qc with 2.6mm pixel pitch has also undergone significant improvement, the company said. According to EKTA, the upgraded display features enhanced color and brightness uniformity, better manageability of LEDs at low gradation mode, and wider viewing angles. The display’s advanced illumination uniformity is achieved by using the new driver TI TLC5957 and changing the schemes of diode rows’ connection, the company said.

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